Tuesday, 21 February 2012

All Saints Parking

Tuesday 21st February

Just a quick one. I bumped into Cllr Gandhum this morning outside the post office in Lightwater. Cllr Gandhum was keen to see what we might be able to do about the parking near the doctor's surgery in All Saints Road, since he'd heard grumblings through the grapevine.

So I was delighted to advise him that I was already on the case. Last week I met with some of our engineers, keen as I was to find a home for a small outstanding sum of local transport funding that needed to be allocated. Part of that I had directed to the highway verge just south east of the surgery on All Saints Road.
Currently used for parking unofficially - and now an eyesore because of it - I managed to convince the engineers that official bays would be a good solution at the location.
I'm waiting to hear formally when the works will start and shall advise the moment I hear.

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