Friday, 29 October 2010

Surrey Heath Residents Sign Red Road Petition.

Friday 29th October

Bravo Cllr Dodds!

As you will have read above, Cllr Dodd’s petition is the latest in a number of efforts - including those of 'Yours truly' and the other five Surrey County Councillors who represent Surrey Heath Divisions - to bring the hazardous nature of ‘Red Road’ to the attention of those who don’t live near it and those who have the power to do something about it.

My wife and I moved to Macdonald Road in 2002. Since we have lived here, there have been 6 fatalities, 14 serious hospital admissions and 26 non-serious hospital admissions resulting, in the main, from road traffic accidents on Red Road.
That doesn’t even take account of the accidents that aren’t reported to the police, or that don’t require medical assistance.

The point is that the road itself presents year round hazards. It is an arterial route which means it is busy, with all sorts of traffic, from articulated lorries through to bicycles. It undulates considerably along its length. It has sharp and twisty corners. It has three busy junctions and a number of houses which enter onto it. It borders a natural common and hence has pedestrians crossing it. I’m not a highways engineer but it seems to be the ‘perfect storm’ in terms of standing conditions, even before driver error, climatic conditions or excessive speed are added. If any road in the county needs attention, it is this one.

Most weekends there are incidents. I’ve observed them. Often its simply the squealing of tyres and a near miss, but often it is a collison. I have a neighbour who lives on the corner of the Red Road/Macdonald Road who has himself watched at least two vehicles drive through his fence during the last eight years.

Thus, I’ve signed the petition. While I personally think that the remit doesn’t go far enough – I think that the route requires a ‘ground-up’ rethink and a number of measures rather than simply a crossing – such a petition is an important tool in keeping the issue at the top of the agenda, as it were.

What remains to be done, like Denis Fuller CC has suggested, is to seek the formal support of Surrey Police and to find the capital budget required. The latter point is the ongoing challenge.

Update: You may have already read some of my recent blogposts on the subject, although you may note David Ivison CC has updated the formal position. We can now approve the speed limit element, subject to finding the money.

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