Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bagshot 20mph Zone - at last!

Saturday 16th October

At last!
The subject on everybody's lips - aside from car parking, flooding and the specials on at 'The Village Cafe' - has been the proposed 20 mph Zone for Bagshot High St.
Now, there have a been a number of people involved in this effort - too many to count - but I can tell you that with the proposed County Council Highways budget cuts, I had to fight to keep this on the agenda this year for funding almost two years after it was raised as an issue and a year after we orginally agreed it!

Bagshot's problem is the fact that it is located between three fast arterial routes: namely the M3, A322 and A30. It attracts a lot of motorway traffic and is particularly busy. I know this because this is where my office is and while I have been guilty of almost not noticing the pedestrian crossing, I've simialrly also been almost knocked down by traffic while attempting to buy stamps.
This is why I've always agreed with the proposals.

Thus I am absolutely delighted that the money has been allocated to it and shall advise when work is likely to commence.

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