Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lightwar Bypass moves up the agenda.

Friday 15th October

Following on from the tragic deaths last year from a devastating accident in the Lightwater Bypass, the Surrey Heath County members were advised last week that the road has now moved up the agenda for the provision of road safety/accident prevention measures.

Seemingly, the problem here is that when an accident occurs, the lack of a barrier exacerbates the accident. If a driver swerves across the central reservation, then the results have proven to be catastrophic. Only during the summer, I witnessed the aftermath of a collison involving a motorcycle that had similar, though I understand non-fatal, results.

We were advised that the road is now up to third on the list, up from position seven, which means it is likely to be planned to receive the reservation barriers in next years budget. That would be very good news indeed.

Watch this space.

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