Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What's in a name?

Wednesday 18th August

I received a call today from Charles Church Sales Manager and good friend of mine, Holly Finer. Holly is looking after the forthcoming 'Notcutts' development in Bagshot and was keen to speak to the local County Councillor about possible development names that would have an historical 'Bagshot' flavour.
I recall at one of the most recent local parish meetings that the council had received a similar enquiry from the developer and the discussion had centred around use of a link to the former 'Waterer's Nurseries' upon which 'Notcutts' and the new scheme are situated. Regrettably it would appear that there is another 'Waterer's' development in Woking and so that name might not resurface, but I referred Holly to the Clerk of the parish and to the Bagshot Society for further information; and as we discussed it a number words with local meaning and links kept emerging.
Formal approval will need to go to the board, but if any other Bagshot locals have any good - and of course marketable - ideas, then let either myself or Holly know. The decision is to be made soon...

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