Monday, 14 June 2010

Would it hurt anyone to buy a flagpole?

Monday 14th June

I'm a patriot. Indeed, when I lived - briefly - in the US, they all delighted in calling me 'The Limey' because I flew a Union Jack on the aerial of the roof of my house! And of a mixture of Scottish & English descent, I am always delighted to see both country's flags flying, although frankly, I still consider myself British above all else.

So to the World Cup Football Tournament and that great surge of national pride, evidenced by the country festooned all over by that emblem of England, the cross of St George.
But what I'm beginning to find a little irritating is the number of fellow patriots who are proud to fly their colours, but don't appear to own a flagpole. Its sort of depressing to see these forlorn white sheets hanging from windows and as my grandfather pointed out, 'When strewn about like that, it looks like collective national surrender!'.

Come on England. Buy a Flagpole!

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