Sunday, 13 June 2010

Surrey Mineral Extraction

Friday 11th June

Friday afternoon saw the County Council Planning & Regulatory Committee out on a site visit in Shepperton. I'm a strong advocate of these visits on the basis that it provides the committee with a much better impression of the effects of development, particularly when the development concerned is more alien as it were. i.e. it is easy to see the effect of a roof height on a school building from a photograph, but can anyone say they know for sure what a 15m oil derrick looks like?

We had a similar one of these on Friday.
Mineral extraction and processing.
We were shown the processing plant, the silt lagoon, the landfill area and then the farmland that had been returned to use after the extraction had concluded. It was particularly interesting to see the return to arable farmland, which as we were there had several acres of cut flowers and cabbages.
I won't talk further about the subject until next week's meeting, but you can rest assured that your committee continues to be well informed about the issues that it subsequently makes decisions upon.

Don't take my word for it - you can 'attend' the meeting even if you can't get to County Hall by virtue of the web.
Follow this link on Friday morning.

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