Sunday, 13 June 2010

Redevelopment in Windlesham

Friday 11th June

I was delighted on Friday to meet up with Rosemary Barton and Suzanne Sharman, two members of the Windlesham Field of Remembrance Management Committee, at the field pavilion.
Or at least what remains of it. In recent years the pavilion has, in spite of spirited efforts to the contrary, become more and more unusable and it the time has come for replacement rather than repair. In fact, plans have been afoot for several years and were most recently brought to my attention by Valerie White, Parish Councillor and former Parish Chairman, who has had input over the years.

Seemingly of late matters had stalled. Rosemary, Suzanne and I discussed how we might restart the process, which involves planning, funding and getting local community 'buy in' for what is in fact a local community facility - it is owned by the village!

Personally I believe that Rosemary and Suzannae have the dynamism and energy to carry the project on, and I shall be delighted to assist as it does. More on this one as it happens.

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