Friday, 7 May 2010

What a mess.

Friday May 7th

Election Day.

After a three and a half year campaign, it all came to an end last night as the ballots were counted and the results began chiming in.
A number of us political types ended up at the count at the Camberley Theatre, with our candidate Michael Gove MP, where we drank lots of coffee whilke eagerly awaiting the result. Perhaps it was unfair to say, but Michael's majority is fairly unassailable; however having been to two council counts where I was a candidate, it was interesting to attend a Parliamentary version.

More interesting perhaps were our local marginals - Woking and Guildford - and those other seats to whom our association offers 'Mutual Aid', including Winchester and Thanet South.
All of these were Conservative wins, which is an absolutely great result. I'm particularly delighted for Laura Sandys, who I assisted personally during the campaign. Her result was particularly well deserved after two previous attempts.

Regrettably, the overall net result was poor. Its a Hung Parliament. Sure, our seat numbers were up, but crucially not enough to form a majority government and as I type, I'm watching Sky News articles about how a coalition might work. I'm sensing that it won't be the last one I view over the next few days and I am anticipating starting campaigning again within the year...

Still - no rest for the wicked. Its the Windlesham Parish AGM tonight.

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