Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Election Aftermath.

Wednesday 12th May

A ConLib Government. Or as I prefer, ConDem.
Not so much Wilson's 'A week is a long time in politics', or even Clive James' 'Christ, what a fortnight', it has frankly been a mad few days. And thats even before I blog about the County AGM yesterday (above) or the Borough AGM tonight.

So, here we are. I shall blog more fully shortly, but in the meantime herewith a few of my tweets and facebook entries that pretty much summarise my take.

They were posted in real time, so scroll down and read up...


# Theresa May? You're joking? about 5 hours ago via mobile web

# The end of the LibDems as we know them. Victory! about 18 hours ago via mobile web

# I'm mentally exhausted! I'll blog tomorrow. about 19 hours ago via mobile web

# Don't let us down Dave. about 21 hours ago via mobile web

# It's sort of comforting seeing British Statesman in Jaguars. about 21 hours ago via mobile web

# So. A ConDem Government after all. about 22 hours ago via mobile web

# Win-win. LibLab: more of the same, then collapse. ConLib: change, then collapse.Tories returned after subsequent General Election 4:12 AM May 11th via mobile web

# Lib Dems. It's fair enough, as 'kimgmakers' to gauge their best interest, but it does go against their 'play it straight' election gambit. 3:18 AM May 11th via mobile web

# At the County Council AGM 3:00 AM May 11th via mobile web

# Electoral Reform? Can't be entertained without consideration of the West Lothian question. 12:33 PM May 10th via mobile web

# Peugeot RCZ. A very sexy looking machine. Who designed it? 12:31 PM May 10th via mobile web

# RT @NewStatesman: How the election result would have looked under proportional representation 7:39 AM May 10th via mobile web

# Nick Clegg is actually wearing a navy blue tie today. 6:03 AM May 10th via mobile web

# The Liberals maybe overplaying their hand. 9:54 AM May 9th via mobile web

# Come on Dave. Dump Clegg, set up a minority gov and dare them to take a shot. 10:01 AM May 8th via mobile web

# Seemingly the weather is as gloomy as the campaign managers... 9:52 AM May 8th via mobile web

# Is this 'The Third Way'? 2:39 PM May 7th via mobile web

# A ConLib pact. Is that really what I trudged all over the South-East for? 10:46 AM May 7th via mobile web

And Facebook.

Of course, if it goes PR there will be those who think it worth setting up a small party of their very own. May 8 at 6.03pm

I'm still piqued by the level of Labour support.
May 7 at 6:31pm

Having digested the election results feels a little like Charlton Heston on that beach when he encounters the Statue of Liberty : "YOU MANIACS! YOU
BLEW IT (UP)!" May 7th at 5.29pm ·

Its cheating a bit. Something more substantial shortly.


  1. I know this is a bit off the subject but I have to bring this up with you!
    As you know, because you live on MacDonald road, the lower part is worse than a dirt road! Please can you suggest to someone that the whole thing just needs to be resurfaced and NOT just filling in individual potholes! Now! With a high enough quality of tarmac so that it doesn't get ruined in Winter.

  2. Its soon to be closed for resurfacing.