Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Laura Sandys. There and back again...!

Tuesday 27th April

Long time readers of this blog may remember our first step on the campaign trail last year when we were fortunate enough to have Laura Sandys PPC attend our branch fundraiser and really get things going. I pledged myself willing to help at that time to Laura for when she required assistance during her campaign in the marginal South Thanet constituency and this last four days I have been down in sunny Thanet doing just that.

Eagle-eyed readers may have already noted the adjacent Twitterfeed updates, but the four days were action-packed: up to four group canvassing sessions per day from Sandwich in the south to Ramsgate in the east, plus pledge letter deliveries in Cliftonville and Ramsgate. Needless to say I'm now exhausted! (I don't know quite how Laura keeps the pace up). But that said, we really had a great time due mainly to the sunny disposition of the candidate herself and the keen determination of the Constituency Chairman, Lynne Conolly; and I should like to thank both of them and indeed the team for making me feel most welcome. But I was particularly encouraged by people on the doorstep who were - almost to a man, whatever political persuasion - keen to see the back of Gordon Brown. This was great news for the party and for Laura, who is fighting Stephen Ladyman the incumbent Labour MP.

If it is at all to do with the work being put in by Laura and the team down in Thanet, I strongly believe that we shall see Laura being sworn in at Westminster soon.

Good luck. And thank you for the cream teas!

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