Tuesday, 12 January 2010

'Thar She Blows!'

Saturday 9th January

I had some business to attend to on Saturday and decided, in spite of the weather forecast and emboldened by my Lightwater/Camberley success, to brave the elements and meet some clients in Shepperton. Strangely, while Lightwater, Bagshot & Windlesham had remained 'wilderness-like', the journey to Shepperton took me closer to the Greater London micro-climate and presented a completely different type of condition.
In Shepperton, many of the roads were literally sheet ice, and as I drove into Broadlands Avenue, I managed to get the car (unintentionally) sideways much like a villain out of 'The Sweeney'! Fortunately no-one was injured, for I managed to turn into the skid and snake-tail down the deserted road to safety.
However, during the journey to Shepperton I had spotted a spreader out spreading what limited supplies the government hadn't reserved for Cheshire, thus confirming the reports I had previously received from our highways team.

Regrettably, the dire situation has had the effect of delaying the salt bin deliveries to us here in our division, so in spite of being able to get to some of the more inaccessible areas myself - I drove with the family up to Connaught Park for example - I know that there are still some of you out there effectively marooned. In that case, I would ask that you enter your address and postcode in the comments section below, and I shall endeavour to find out if and when the deliveries are due.

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