Thursday, 7 January 2010

There and Back Again.

Thursday 7th January

The sand deliveries for the bins have started today, and I can only hope that some gets through to those areas thus far deprived of any supplies. That said, I also hope that those who use it for their private driveway use are estopped by others - the sand and salts are suppoed to be for the highways, and for the benefit of all rather than just the self interest of a few.

It's not all bad news. I drive rear-wheel drive cars and managed to go from Lightwater to 'The Carpenters Arms' pub in Camberley and back this morning with relative ease in one of them. (The battered one, just in case of any accidents). The conditions were quite tricky but it can be done, with most of the main routes passable on a journey that took me past Cllrs Chapman, Fuller and Ivisons addresses. On the strength of my journey, I shall be driving about in my division and ward this afternoon to check on the progress of the salt bin issue and to see if can offer any assistance to residents and shall report thereafter.

On a lighter note, having decided to remain in situ for the remainder of Wednesday, my son and I managed to build a seven foot Darth Vader Snowman with yesterday's snowfall, although Sky News are yet to broadcast the photograph.

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