Friday, 4 December 2009

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Tuesday 1st December.

Further to the 'call-in'* of the decision made at our most recent Local Area Committee (LAC), David Ivison CC and I presented the case for a change in the speed limit to elements of both Red Road and the Maultway at this week's County Cabinet meeting.

While David concentrated on the Maultway, my experience of Red Road (by virtue of my address) gave me the opportunity to explain the case for a speed limit reduction, foremost of which is the desperate incident record at the MacDonald Road/double bend element of the road which has seen four deaths since I moved here in 2002.

In spite of considerable empathy and the fact that the County have already identified the accident blackspot and erected a variety of warninbg signs, the Cabinet Committee's hands were tied - the speed limit setting policy is due to be revised in the New Year and regrettably our decision could not be formally adopted ahead of that process.
Fortunately, the Leader of the County Council Dr Andrew Povey, sagely agreed to defer rather than to reject the decision pending that policy review. With a fair wind, the limit may be in place by the Spring.

* 'Call-in'.


Call in – A Definition
1.1 This refers to the procedure where a Member or Members in the
appropriate circumstances can prevent the implementation of:-

(a) a decision (*) of:-

(i) the Executive; or
(ii) an individual member of the Executive; or
(iii) a Committee of the Executive; or

(b) a decision made on a key issue by an officer with the
delegated authority of the Executive.

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