Wednesday, 9 December 2009

MacLeod begins to Twitter...

Tuesdasy 8th December

I managed to resist for quite a while, finding 'Twitter' to be an extrapolation of one of the less interesting elements of 'Facebook'. However in the interest of keeping in contact with the both the party and the electorate on an even more regular basis than here at the blog, I determined that it was probably worth a whirl.I'm hoping that it will complement the blog for those requiring more immediate updates about what I'm doing locally and what the local situation is and I shall be continuing to update this blog for as long as there are those interested in viewing it.

'Whats the worst that can happen', right?

So, for those who are already there my 'Twitter' username is 'MacLeodSJ', at least until I can come up with something that is;
a/ more original
b/ available!

Otherwise, I understand that the search engine will pick up 'Cllr Stuart MacLeod' or simply 'Stuart MacLeod.

I hope to see some of you there.

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