Saturday, 14 November 2009

Speed Limits at Red Road/MacDonald Road

Wednesday 11th November

After deciding at the last Local Area Committee to alter the speed limit at this location from 60mph down to 40 mph, the matter has been called in by the County Council Cabinet. Seemingly this is so that the matter of speed limits - and the process of altering to meet local need - can be reviewed.

There is an accident at this location - i.e. between the double bends and the hump at 'Folly Bog' - almost weekly, although fortunately not all of them are fatal, and the Chairman of the LAC, Cllr David Ivison and I are due to attend the Cabinnet meeting in order to support the case that reducing speed limits at this location would be appropriate.

Further evidence came on Wednesday afternoon as I drove home from the Remembrance Service at County Hall. Despite an officer unhappy with the fact I was showing interest in the accident, I ultimately managed to get a photograph showing the police having had to shut 'Red Road' (here shown at the western entrance of MacDonald Road).

I'm not a proponent of arbitrary 'blanket' speed limit reductions (although I do admire the way that the Americans rigidly enforce their 15mph school zones during school drop off and pick up times), but I do feel that in certain areas reductions are appropriate. My wife & I moved to MacDonald Road in 2002 and since then this location has seen 4 fatal accidents and a considerable number of serious & non serious admittances to A&E. This is certainly a location that needs attention.

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