Sunday, 4 October 2009

Difficult Decisions

Tuesday 29th September

The 'Michaelmas Session' started with a bang this year, with a hearty meeting of the Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council. As a member of the Borough Council, I am permitted - at the discretion of the Leader - to speak on subjects raised at the meeting although not being an Executive member, I am not permitted to vote.

A number of matters were thoroughly debated and while I didn't tend to agree with some of the comments, I am always happy to see contentious issues fully discussed.

For my part, I don't envy the final decision makers in this case. Rationaliziation of the Borough's 'Discretionary Budget' may be long overdue, but elements of it are and will continue to be extremely unpopular, particularly given the sectors currently under scrutiny and the sectors that aren't.

There will be difficult decisions ahead.

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