Saturday, 10 October 2009

Drama at County Hall!

Friday 9th October

Earlier this summer I had cursed the number of trailers and caravans that had fettered my parking at 'County Hall' on several occasions, but as it turned out it had been the BBC on location filming. 'County Hall' is the location of the former law courts and one such court remains, complete with dock, oak panelling and a sign that reads 'to the cells' (Cllr Ivison, please take note...). This week's BBC courtroom drama called 'Criminal Justice', starring among many, Denis Lawson and Maxine Peake was the result; and while the subject matter will not have been to all tastes, I for one thought that the acting was first class.

This week however provided no such obstacles and I was able to attend to a variety of matters, including but not limited to the Conservative Group Meeting, Local Area Committee callovers and a tour of local traffic schemes, both existing and planned. Similarly, I was able to catch up back 'on my manor' as it were, with several residents this week in respect of law & order issues and traffic concerns, although a great deal of those conversations concerned a certain Mr David Cameron...

There is a Full County Council meeting at County Hall next Tuesday. Looking through the agenda, there may yet be more drama to come.

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