Friday, 21 August 2009

What Do We Think of It So Far...?

Wednesday 19th August

During the early '90's, I spent a year living with elements of my family in the US and I recall the way in that the Americans were lightyears ahead of us in terms of being environmentally aware. Not only were their vehicle emissions regulations far more aggressive than ours, but I remember how an aunt of mine had three seperate bins in her kitchen for recycling and foodstuffs as well as two different baskets for card and paper!

So, it is with a wry smile that almost twenty years later I came home this week to see my new bins delivered. At last, 'kerbside recycling' - bringing Surrey Heath in line with a great deal of the rest of the UK and a welcome end to the queues and pilgrimages to the council's well used recycling facilities and local tips!
And I must say that after a period of scepticism - it is agreed that not all properties can take these bins and the idea of an alternate weekly collection is a little too like 'fortnightly collections'for my taste - I'm looking forward to experimenting to see how I can do my bit.

One query remains though.
Where is one supposed to dispose of batteries...?

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  1. Interested in your comment about the regularity of collections as opposed to the weekly we have for the last time this week!