Friday, 24 July 2009

TGI Friday.

Friday 24th July

After a week of business to transact and meetings at County Hall, TGI Friday!
But its only 1130am and already the day has seen considerable action!

I'm a member of Michael Gove's 'Parliamentary Breakfast Club', which was this morning held at that jewell of a pub in Windlesham, 'The Half Moon'. Mr Conrad Sturt, Helga and the team laid on a superb breakfast in the barn which was very well attended, excepting Michael Gove, who has been temporarily struck down with a mysterious illness. The club Chairman, Gordon Parris stood in and the deputy leader of SHBC, Cllr Richard Brooks addressed the meeting in Michael's stead.

Cllr Wynne Price and I then departed at high speed in order to attend another meeting at the Camberley Theatre. This meeting was convened in order to facilitate some progress in respect of the land transfer at Connaught School and the associated license complications. During the last few years, I've learned how slowly the wheels of local government can turn and this case, the processes that have to be observed between two authorities and an educational facility are somewhat cumbersome, but I've now got the impression that an agreement will now be forthcoming and that the football club should now be usefully accommodated.

Just before 1100, I had my final meeting of the morning with SHBC officers in respect of the Lightwater Country Park law and order concerns. Borough, County and the Police have now had the chance to investigate a solution, and it looks as if a provision is being made for some security CCTV at the Country Park entrance. Investigations are also being made into the possibility of locking the park at night. Either or both of these solutions will hopefullyhave the required effect in curbing the Anti-Social Behaviour, but the problem is certainly now being addressed.

Right. Now time for some lunch.

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