Saturday, 23 May 2009

Work to do in Windlesham

Saturday 23rd May

For most of this week I have either been out delivering our literature in Bagshot & Lightwater, or else canvassing and speaking with people on the doorsteps in Windlesham.

In many cases people are content to share their political persuasions on the doorstep which then assists us in identifying our support in any particular area, but canvassing also presents a further opportunity to engage with the voters. With my focus this week in Windlesham, a couple of issues kept emerging as I manoeuvred around the village: MP's expenses - naturally - and highways issues.

The highways issue is one I'm particularly interested in, since it was one of the issues - along with improved and increased schooling - that led me into local politics several years ago, after witnessing the aftermath of yet another needless death at MacDonald Road/Red Road in Lightwater.

In Windlesham, there are several highways concerns:
  • A requirement for traffic calming
  • A proper parking strategy and related enforcement
  • A continued vigilance with regard to inappropriate - or indeed reckless - driving
Regrettably these problems are likely to increase as schemes such as the former MoD Chertsey site progress, since Windlesham is already a cut through for traffic, but living as I do on a 'cut through' I am wholeheartedly determined that Windlesham will remain on the highways radar and if elected, will push for further work to be done for calming measures, appropriate parking enforcement and continued efforts to curb speed in inappropriate places.

Note: I'm currently working on some highways issues in Lightwater (parking) and in Bagshot (speed limit reduction and traffic flow priority) and would be delighted to hear from any of you in this respect.

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