Friday, 29 May 2009

Back in Bagshot

Thursday 28th May

Bagshot is a fascinating place. Way before the station arrived in the 19th century, Bagshot had evolved as a coaching stop on what was known as the Great West Road, now the less romantically named 'A30', which accounts for the large number of pubs and old coaching inns! Because of this long history - including a brush with highwaymen - a brief tour of the village unearths a great deal of historical information and a great deal of historic architectural finds and I would recommend a walkabout tour to all who live and work here to give a truer flavour of what Bagshot was and indeed, could be.
And frankly, if you would like to help deliver some election literature at the same time, that would be even better...!

The latter half of the week has seen a return to Bagshot, where I have been delivering leaflets and knocking on doors, canvassing opinions about voting preference and speaking to people about what really matters to them.

In Bagshot, as in Windlesham the week before, traffic issues keep coming up whether they be speeding in general or more particular instances, such as a change to the High St/London Road limits, or enforcement at Whitmoor Road.
I support traffic calming measures, provided that they aren't the dreaded speed humps from which vehicles I have owned have sustained damage over the years, but I'm also a strong supporter of the local 'Speedwatch' teams. 'Speedwatch' is run by the police in partnership with local residents in areas where there is a continued problem: offenders are presented with a warning letter upon the first instance of an offence, which has the benefit of reminding absent minded motorists about the speed limits without indiscriminately punishing them.
Its an effective system and can dramatically reduce the speeding problem in an area, so if you are interested, let me know or contact PC Mark Barry at Surrey Police for more information.

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