Friday, 29 May 2009

Keep it County!

Friday 29th May

What is also clear from the doorstep discussions I've been having with local people is the amount of anger and disillusionment people are feeling towards politics in general.
Naturally, a lot of this has stemmed from the ongoing Westminster malaise which appears to have no end, but it isn't only that. Its also a feeling of a lack of connection with politics - a feeling that people are redundant in the decision making process - whether nationally or locally.

This is a great shame in my opinion.

Certainly, the 'Presidential' Labour tenure of the last ten years has seen Parliament increasingly redundant as has the ever stronger European grip, but there remain fundamental elements where people can have a say, express their opinions and make a difference and that is certainly the case in local politics.

Next Thursday, I'm hoping to be elected as your representative at Surrey County Council.
Your representative. Your Conservative representative.
If elected, I'll be taking what is important to you and making those representations at the County, whether it be infrastructure, education, health, social care or even simply potholes.
It is these matters that I'd like you all to think about at the ballot box next week.
County matters.
Local matters that we can affect.
Local matters that you can affect.

Keep it County.

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