Sunday, 31 May 2009

Poster Sites!

Saturday 30th May

Given the increased media interest in politics at present - Recession anybody? - I'm surprised that there are still those who don't know that there are County and European elections this Thursday. And yet on the doorsteps on Friday night, there remained a large number of people who were unaware.

In order to further add awareness and to remind our existing vote to turn out at the polling stations and in addition to delivering leaflets and canvassing on the doorstep, I've subsequently been out and about in the area erecting our election posters. Thanks to all who permitted my endeavours and thanks also all who saw me and tooted, waved or gave a thumbs up - it really is great to have such immediate positive feedback!.

On my travels around the ward, I did however notice an increasing proliferation of competitors' flag boards. This has ignited my competitive nature, so if you would like to show your party support and 'nail your colours to the mast' as it were, I or one of the team would be delighted to arrange a board for you during the next 48 hours.
Please let us know!

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