Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Great Recycling Roll Out

Saturday 30th May

After more doorstep work on Friday evening, I adjourned to the 'Half Moon' Public House, where I managed to pin down the Leader of the Conservative run Surrey Heath Borough Council, Cllr Ms Moira Gibson and talked about a number of important local issues raised on the doorsteps, including the forthcoming change to the local waste collection service.

Many local people remain aghast that this part of the world is still served by 'black sack' rubbish collections and it has actually been a delight to be able to explain to local residents how the new scheme will be rolled out.

Moira explained how detailed information was being prepared by Surrey Heath for dispatch to local residents so that the new scheme could commence this autumn. If you can't wait for that, herewith a link to the council's webpages on the subject:

Frankly, waste collection remains a pretty dry subject for me, but I am delighted that a more environmentally sustainable service will soon be in place - just think about all of the trips that now won't be needed by each household to go to the recycling facilities and local 'tips'. And while I've only become a recent convert to the idea of 'wheelie bins', I'm now particularly looking forward to receipt of mine!

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