Sunday, 31 May 2009

Soccer Fest @ Connaught Field, Bagshot

Sunday 31st May

With the sun shining and the temperature at 28 degrees, my family & I attended the Curley Park Rangers' 'Soccer Fest' at the Connaught School Field, Bagshot.

While our two boys are currently too young to be involved in playing competitive football - and indeed, it looks as if our youngest will more likely be playing rugby football on account of his build - I have recently become involved with the club by way of assisting with the now well known 'fence issue'. Without going into too much detail here, the Borough, County and school are dealing with a land transfer which will probably result in a split of the land to the detriment of the club. Paul Blair, Roger Simpkins and myself have been ensuring that the club is not left out of these discussions and that the club remains able to use the facility.

We were delighted to have been invited and were made to feel very welcome by the club. The afternoon itself was very well attended with what must have been six or seven hundred people either playing or supporting the event and we even bumped into some of my Parish Council colleagues, Cllr Mrs Valerie White and Cllr John Winterton. I find something very heartening in knowing that these kids and their families are so supportive of such a local concern and I shall continue to do my best by them.

Note - the Connaught Park Polling Station on Thursday will be at the field pavilion.

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  1. Dear Councillor Macleod
    As an interested party as both a parent and manager of a team at Curley Park, I wondered whether you have had any feedback or further information regarding arrangements at Connaught school. Curley Park Rangers is a major contributor to the local community providing fantastic facilities for around 500 boys of all ages. I know the Club Chairman and his colleagues are working hard to ensure that we have a club next year, but at the moment our future seems very uncertain? Most clubs are now starting to prepare for pre season training all we see at the moment is losing our players to other clubs!!
    Hopefully you have had a chance to see the fence that has been erected across the playing fields, and whilst I understand the legalities of the land ownership what is now presented is madness. One of the great appeals of Curley Park is the sight of a 100 boys playing football at the same time with the associated facilities. This has now been lost and I dare say lost to the detriment of the community. Your support and assistance in resolving this matter would be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely Mark Gilpin Curley Park Trojans U11's manager and local resident