Saturday, 23 May 2009

Don't Forget to Vote!

Tuesday 19th May

The allowances and expenses malaise continues. Last night I attended a public meeting called by Michael Gove MP, where he put the explanataion of his particular circumstances to public scrutiny.
It was a packed hall at St Mary's Church in Camberley and in my opinion, Michael gave a good account of his actions, explaining in detail the claims he had made, the circumstances in which he had made them and the process he had commenced to put things right, starting with repayment of the incorrect claims.

Naturally there were both supporters and opponents in the room, but the strength of feeling in respect of the matter was terrific. At the end of the meeting I lamented with Cllr Henderson and the Mayor about how regrettable it was that it took a set of circumstances such as these to fill a hall with lively political debate, in much the same way as the BBC 'Question Time' programme had the previous week. Oh that other local matters might regularly create as much interest.

Similarly, there was a great deal of discussion in respect of the effect that the Westminster shennannigans might have on both the forthcoming local and euro elections on June 4th. Opinion was divided - on the one side was the idea of a low turnout, whereas the alternative premise was one of increased support for minor parties.

One thing was clear though whichever scenario was deemed to eventually played out. Your vote is going to be required and is absolutely going to count.

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