Monday, 8 October 2012

Thank You

Monday 8th October

Thank you.

Thank you for the support shown by a large number of you this last week - interestingly of all political colours - regards the 'Chinese Whispers' blogpost of a fortnight ago.

I find this public representation business to be incredibly rewarding for the most part but it is sometimes an unrewarding task. It therefore means a great deal to my family & I that support from residents & colleagues has been shown to be there. It has been an incredibly humbling experience.

Naturally enough there has also been a fair amount of vitriol displayed online. While some of this is likely deserved - and some of it most certainly is not - it is in the main mostly expected, coming as it does with the territory of being an elected official serving both a party and the residents.

So I'm also glad to be able to report that as far as Surrey County Council is concerned, the Conservative Party is concerned and most importantly, a large number of the residents are concerned, the mood is that the Justice system has come to a judgement, delivered a verdict and applied an appropriate punishment.

While the personal consequences remain for me, its time to get back to business.
For you.

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