Monday, 22 October 2012

Lot's Wives.

Thursday 18th October

I've found myself at the County Highways depot twice in the last fortnight. One of the appointments was to discuss outstanding 'Community Pride' monies with one of our Highways officers there; the next was a Local Area Committee Agenda Planning meeting held at the same venue ahead of the subsequent meeting in public at the Ian Goodchild Centre.

I managed during one of these appointments to wander into the yard, where I spied several of the gritters with the snow-plough attachments alongside what can only be described as 'mountains' of salt.

Naturally, its nice to know that what you are doing is at least somewhat effective, since local members and I have been lobbying successive transport Cabinet members at SCC for more salt supplies for some time now.
So, I'm delighted to be able to report that the County Council is now in the midst of it's 'Winter Preparations'; and in addition to a number of other steps to keep Surrey moving this winter, have swelled the salt stocks to over 16,000 tonnes. Clearly, the powers that be have taken on board our concerns about a lack of supplies in recent years, since this stockpile is double the salt required for an average Surrey Winter and 60% more than was used to keep the County moving last season. Furthermore, this stock is also deemed to be more than enough to see Surrey through a winter similar to 2010/2011, which apparently was the worst winter in terms of snow & ice for over 30 years.

This is of course, great news.
But having now fully prepared for the snow & ice, I'm now fully anticpating the arrival of the warmest winter on record.

Where did I put my flip-flops?

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