Friday, 4 May 2012

Windlesham PaviliON

Monday 23rd April

Two years ago to the day I met the Field of Remembrance Trustees alongside our MP, Michael Gove when we dicussed the forthcoming plans for the redevelopment of the pavilion at the Windlesham Field of Remembrance.
A lot has happened since then and I was invited to the committee's AGM on 23rd April where the Chairman introduced a progress report on where the effort had got to at that stage.
(For a fuller report of the planning process, click this link -

In short, planning is now in place; now begins the hard work of fundraising.
One might wonder why one or all of the local authorities might not be financing such a worthwhile scheme. The answer to that is that the Field of Remembrance and the pavilion are in fact owned and administered by the village. It is not a taxpayers facility and as such does not come under the funding umbrella provided for Council owned community facilities.

So, the challenge is now on. While the facility has been well planned to accommodate not only changing rooms, but also a number of areas that may be made use of by local groups - including hopefully the local doctor in the fullness of time - latest cost estimates for the building of the new facility are deemed to be in the region of £400,000. Some of this may very well be provided by local government grants, but the majority of it is going to need to be provided for through fund raising and other means.

If you can help, or wish to get involved, then do contact Brian Harris for further information.


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