Friday, 4 May 2012

These Lines? They are a-changing

Friday 4th May

I mentioned at a local public meeting recently that I might not be representing the residents of Windlesham after next years County Council Elections. There were sharp intakes of breath in some corners of the hall; and wry smiles from others who generally wear a political badge of a different colour. But no, dear residents, I have not yet come to the end of my political career: Far from it in fact. Rather, the Boundary Commission - they who are responsible for administering local government electoral arrangements - and local residents, councillors etc, have deemed it necessary to alter some of the local boundaries in order to even up the number of residents that we County Councillors represent.

In the main, this has been the addition or removal of small numbers of areas into or from existing Electoral Divisions. However, in mine and Mrs Sealy's case, it has been a wholesale reworking of the six villages that we represent and which will begin to exist after the next County Council elections.

As the Boundaries stand today, my division comprises Windlesham, Bagshot & the North Eastern half of Lightwater. Mrs Sealy represents Chobham, Bisley, West End & South Western Lightwater. However, after June 2013, the two divisions will be Lightwater, West End & Bisley and Chobham, Windlesham & Bagshot respectively.

As yet, I'm undecided about which of the two divisions to stand in since I have good friends, long standing colleagues and strong roots in both of the new areas. However, decisions have to be made in the autumn, so if you have any strong opinions either way do let me know. In the meantime I proudly remain the County Councillor for Windlesham, Bagshot & Lightwater East and you, as residents of what I have come to consider 'my' three villages in recent years, may rest assured that you have my undivided attention for the next 12 months. I very much look forward to representing some of you beyond that.

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