Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Lightwater Axeman Cometh!

Friday 26th February

Watch out! Bolt your doors. Lock your windows. There is an axeman loose in Lightwater.
Not a criminally insane one of course - well, the jury is still out on that one - but a ruthless one. I refer of course to Cllr Tim Dodds, local borough councillor and prolific blogger who removed yours truly from the list of his favourite political blogs last week!

Cllr Dodds reported that while the output here was fun and appropriate, it was not deemed to be prolific enough to continue among the assembled company which included almost hourly updates on blogs from - among others - Michael Gove MP and Nick Robinson, BBC.

Its an interesting point. There is plenty going on to write about to be sure - last Monday for example, I had a clash of meetings which included the Conservative Borough Group, the Camberley Town Centre Steering Group and the Windlesham Parish Council AGM, for example - but I endeavour to collect the best bits and upload them at specific intervals. To upload entries in real time, or even daily would to my mind ruin the content to its detriment, not to mention the time it would take to do so to its benefit.
And if anyone wants the real time updates, there is always my Twitter page...

Still, no-one likes being thrown out of a club, however diminutive and given the sagely advice from the axeman, I shall endeavour to bring the output up to a more regular standard!

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