Friday, 29 January 2010

Bus Budgets.

Monday 25th January

The matter of the bus review had been raised as early as October 2009 as part of the review of transportation services, but this week saw a flurry of emails to my inbox as the consultation end-date neared.
And rightly so - while the service is heavily subsidised, parents of children who use the service should rightly have a say in its future.

Locally, Lavinia Sealy took the lead on this one and held a meeting in order to address the increasing alarm. Regrettably the County information provision had not been clear and while our division was, as part of Phase 2, due for formal consultation in 2010/11, it was deemed appropriate to seek all representations on the subject in before the initial Phase 1 deadline. Just to be sure.

More information on the consultations can be found at
Please click on "Your buses Your say" and then on "School special services bus review"
Comments can also be emailed direct to or please call the Surrey County Council contact centre on 03456 009 009

Please make your representations and encourage other parents to do the same.

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