Saturday, 19 December 2009

Last County Meeting

Tuesday 15th December

Formal County business concluded with the Full County Council Meeting on Tuesday and for the first time, the meeting was transmitted live to the web so that all could access the business of the County Council as it happened.

In spite of the snowy conditions, the meeting was well attended, although a clash with the Schools Committee resulted in my having to leave before the business was fully concluded.

Of most relevance to us here in the Three Villages were two announcements. The first, made by the Leader Dr Andrew Povey referred to the axing of plans for an industrial incinerator at Trumps Lane, Longcross; and the second, that Surrey Heath residents were to be among the first residents in Surrey to benefit from the new replacement lampposts, due to start work in March.

The rethink about Trumps Lane comes as something of a relief to me. The incinerator didn't keep me awake at night per se but I did have concerns about increased HGV traffic to Longcross via Lightwater and Windlesham, in particular Chertsey Road and sensed a fight to ensure proper measures to mitigate that traffic impact. That fight seems to have been deferred.

I am looking forward to the new lamps though. Appranetly a mix of technological advances and EU regulations have seen fit to change the lamps to white light as opposed to orange, so we'll definately know when they've gone up!

Otherwise, the meeting passed largely without incident with the business of the County being neatly concluded; and like the Chairman of the County Council, Geoff Marlow, I should like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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  1. The axing was great news! But now how about the4 DERA site and the ridiculous amount of housing proposed there with no infrastructure etc to cover it. I believe it falls between Surrey Heath and Runnymede.