Thursday, 9 July 2009

Yobs in Lightwater

Thursday 9th July

I had a meeeting this morning with a number of concerned Lightwater residents in respect of continued anti-social behaviour at the Lightwater Country Park. Seemingly, Lightwater is experiencing the effects of good policing elsewhere in the County, with undesirable elements now lurking during the day & night in areas of the village and the country park, causing nuisance and in some cases distress to residents.

Regrettably, its not within my power to give the residents arms (and neither could I condone their use) but I can co-ordinate various aspects of local government to press the relevant authorities for actions and answers.
To that end, I have contacted our local police inspector, James Norbury and shall be speaking further with Parish Council in respect of the local wardens, Environmental Health, Licensing and some of the local businesses and to thereafter enable a solution to the growing menace.

In the meantime, can I advise everybody to remain vigilant. Let either myself or our local police sergeant, Sgt Corinne Scott of any anti-social behaviour that you witness. Hopefully we'll bring an end to this sooner rather than later.

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