Saturday, 6 June 2009


Friday 5th June


County & Euro turnouts are typically lower than General Election, but the Windlesham election attracted almost 40% of you, resulting in the above numbers. In spite of the recent Parliamentary malaise and a UKIP candidate, we've managed to sustain our majority in this ward and attract a 52% share of the vote!
I'm merely the elected representative. It is the team who count, the team who supported and will continue to support the Conservative message and its the team who through a lot of hard work won this election!

So, in no particular order, thanks & congratulations to the team;

My wife Natalie,
Ed Boaden - Election Agent
Cllr Wayne Henderson
Cllr Mrs Valerie White
Cllr Tim Dodds
Jani Dodds
Guy Eaglestone
Jenny Patterson
Alan Cleverly OBE
Michael Gove MP
Mike Potter
Cllr Surinder Gandhum
Cllr John Winterton
Suzan Woods
The Windlesham Ladies
Glyn Carpenter
Christine Meehan
Jackie Russell-Lowe
Peter Harper
Andrew MacLeod
Robin Horsley
Roger Page-Morris
Carley Quinn
Cllr Ms Liane Gibson
Cllr Ms Moira Gibson
Cllr Colin Dougan
Cllr Simon Foale
Cllr Craig Fennell
Cllr John Waltho
Cllr Alasdair Graham
Cllr Keith Bush
Susie Bush
Conrad Sturt
and the legion of deliverers, polling station tellers, newsletter folders, poster siters, envelope stuffers and tea-makers who make it all happen.
And indeed, the electors!

Many thanks to you all.

So, now the election is over, its time for the hard work to begin...

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