Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Information Bombardment - The County Induction

Wednesday 17th June

Wow - what a fortnight!

The dust is beginning to settle, only for yours truly to find himself under a sustained bombardment of County information, setting out the rules and procedures required for County Councillors.

Fortunately a great deal of this is common to local government in general, so having been through it in the recent past at a Borough level, it is relatively easy to digest. However, within the next week or so, I should be in a position to advise you of specific responsibilities, dates of committees, issues I shall be able to delve into in detail etc etc.

Similarly, given the over-riding feedback, we've decided to continue with the 'BackMac' blog - and we'll probably be adding a few extra bits and pieces over the coming months - so continue to visit us here to get the latest updates as progress is made at County Hall.

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