Sunday, 17 May 2009

Stuart MacLeod - Local Conservative: The Election Address

Sunday 17th May

After several months of listening and several weeks of debating and editing, the election literature is in! In addition to getting out and about getting involved and getting to grips with the local issues, I shall be among our local teams delivering our Election Address and Newsletters to tell you all in more detail what we are all about.

I won't spoil the read for you, but herewith what I'm looking to do if elected as your Surrey County Councillor:

  • Ensure Cost Effective Local Government - Get a better deal for your Council Tax.
  • Save Our Villages - Support vital services and assit in the provision of sustainable improvement.
  • Lobby for Quality Schools - Deliver proposals for better schools and more of them
  • Roads & Infreastrcuture - Improve road quality and introduce traffic safety schemes
  • Intelligent Development - Manage progress while still preserving and enhancing the beauty of our environment.

Ultimately, I am hoping to be your elected representative and am looking forward to working with you all over the next four years. On the doorsteps, I have already been urging voters not only to vote, but also to engage with me on these issues as they occur.
With my local interests firmly rooted in the local community, I will be using the experience I have gained in both local government and my commercial experience to serve your interests and strive for the best at Surrey County Council. I hope to hear from you before June 4th, but certainly look forward to seeing you at the polling stations!


  1. Are you actually posting out any literature or do you think everyone is able to access your blog-post to see what you can offer the voters in our communities.

  2. Congratulations on the win and on the whole of Surrey Heath Being Blue