Friday, 15 May 2009

Topical Political Debate with the Digger Driver!

Friday 15th May

Running my own businesses, I'm generally to be found at the helm making strategic decisions and moving the businesses forward. However, no two days are the same and while effective time management gives me a great flexibility in terms of time, I occasionally find myself looking after different roles as was the case today when I found myself stepping in for one of our site foremen.

I quite enjoyed the time spent on site, although I did have to get involved with resetting some kerbstones after they were destroyed by a digger. What was particularly interesting were the comments from some of our on-site guys - while the MP expenses scandal is unfortunate, it has most certainly further ignited political interest and debate among all, from groundworkers through to entrepreneurs, which I believe can only ultimately be a good thing.

Naturally perhaps, when I asked them, they all intimated that they'd vote for me on June 4th...

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