Monday, 20 April 2009

Occupancy Rates in Bagshot High Street

Monday 20th April

It was my turn to get the 'Refreshment Supplies' this morning, so I dipped out of the office and walked down to the supermarket to get some tea, coffee and most importantly, the 'Jammie Dodgers'. I was struck once again by the number of letting boards on commercial property in the High Street, a clear indicator of how business in general is currently suffering. I am of the opinion that Bagshot in particular needs some support in this area and am a keen supporter of efforts to set up a business association, much the same as the similar and successful association in Lightwater. I'm also an advocate of the idea of altering the traffic through the village, changing speed limits and offering some sort of part time traffic control, much in the same way as places such as Godalming work, in a way that promotes a village atmosphere and further supports both existing and new business. But more about that later...

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  1. We do need to protect local businesses - excellent idea to have a business association.
    I'd dearly love to see traffic flow altered through the High street. Ideally, I'd have a small section totally pedestrianised (narrowest section, by the crossing). This would:
    i) prevent the High Street being used as a shortcut M3/A30
    ii)give a truly safe place to walk
    iii) give us back a heart to the village - more chance for pavement activities (like the successful Village Day / Christmas closures of the road and all the stalls that were consequently able to be set up)
    iv) bring a measure of calm to the centre

    I don't believe that traders would suffer a loss in business - those who come to these shops will still do so, and in fact parking on the High Street could potentially increase for those popping in for a paper.

    If all this seems a little drastic, how about at least making the High Street one-way? Traffic could then leave the A30 (from either West or East), travel down the High Street and exit.

    Keep up the good work Stuart - we need passionate people with positive ideas!