Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The Battle for the Bagshot Nationwide Continues!

Tuesday 14th April

The battle rages on!
This morning I joined a bus trip to present a petition to the Nationwide Building Society HQ in Swindon. Organised by the Bagshot Village Society and supported by over two thousand local residents and businesses, the petition has proven the strength of feeling in regard to Bagshot hanging on to its last remaining bank.
The presentation of the petition this morning was followed by a limited question and answer session with executives from Nationwide, who have agreed to have another look at their criteria and who are supporting the idea of effectively introducing an 'agency' to run the facility.
In these uncertain times, causing a large financial institution to pause and re-think is certainly a result. While the fight is far from over, its a deserved well done to all of those involved and especially to Glyn Carpenter for perpetuating the momentum!

Keep Nationwide and save our villages!

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