Monday, 30 March 2009

Charity Abseil at Twickenham Stadium

Sunday, 29th March 2009

Working privately and publicly for the rest of the week, I generally try to keep Sundays special in terms of exclusively spending time my wife and two young sons. However, when the opportunity came up to go to Twickers and support a worthy cause, I felt that it was one not to be missed.

As part of a team of eight, the challenge was a drop of over 100ft from the top of the West Stand. With a heady mix of adrenaline and anxiety, all of the team managed to complete the drop with no problem, raising over £2000 for The Stroke Association.

And yes.
It looks even higher when you're up there!

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  1. We should have an adrenaline day in Bagshot!!!! not sure how that would work but I am sure some one could come up with a good idea. Just wearing the helmet is a rush I am sure.