Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"The horror ... the horror ..."

Wednesday 1st May

From here at the beginning to here at the end.

And now a long-overdue 'thank you'.

It has overall been a pleasure to be involved and to have represented the residents of the various wards & divisions of which I have been an elected member since 2007. I should like to take this final public opportunity to thank all of those who have voted for me at those elections, selections & votes; all of those who have supported and undertaken the campaigns and the back-office work; and perhaps most importantly of all, those of all colours & creeds who have proven & continued to show faith throughout my sometimes tempestuous tenure of local government office.

It is an over-used phrase but it has been both an honour & a privelege to know & work with you. I hope that along the way, as a progressive if somewhat unconventional team, we have managed to get some good things done. I trust that such good works will continue, above or below the radar of our more myopic & conventional colleagues.

For my part, it is now however the end.

Now, where did I leave the keys to that boat...?

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