Friday, 26 October 2012

Terminal Signs

Friday 26th October.

There was a time when I didn't get quite so excited about road signs.
The fact that I now do is perhaps itself the sign that I need to get out of this business.


But in the meantime I'll try to contain my excitement and deliver some further news about the Speed Limit Terminal Signs soon to be erected on my very street.
And if you live on Lightwater Road or Red Road, yours too.

When a speed limit changes in the UK, the local highways authority - in our case Surrey County Council - are obliged to make the change very clear to motorists by way of 'Terminal Signs'. While repeater signs are designed to remind motorists of the limit in which they are driving, Terminal Signs are much larger, showing the change of a limit in a much bolder manner.

At the southern end of MacDonald Road, near to where I live, these signs are actually 80 metres or so from the Red Road junction; a consequence of when my house and those of my immediate neighbours weren't then constructed.
(If you squint at the photograph above, you might just be able to see them...)
As a result of that construction, 'our' element of the road is no longer deemed to be 'rural' and the location of the existing signs is no longer appropriate. Not only that, but it now transpires that there are new regulations which indicate exactly where these signs should be. And these signs aren't there.
So, as a result of the forthcoming speed limit change, county officers are now looking at relocating them at the mouth of the Red Road junction and I'm hopeful that such a move may slow the traffic along this stretch and lessen the junction collisions.

All I need to do now is 'sell' the idea to my neighbours...

NOTE: As the police will confirm, parked cars are in fact one of the best speed reducers, which is why you'll often find one of ours parked in the street.

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