Friday, 8 June 2012

Groundhog Day

Friday 8th June.

A few weeks ago I had an American relative to stay. A student, he was on a layover on his way to Munich and then Madrid for some European summer studies. We decided to head to the pub but were diverted from our course by the closure of Red Road.
Yes, you guessed it, another accident.
While there remain accidents at this location on an almost weekly basis, the accidents requiring road closures are mercifully rare. So, I imagined that we'd had our road closure for this part of the year.
But no. On the way out to undertake my part of my son's school run yesterday afternoon, I was yet again met with the above scene.

My campaign - for want of a better word - in this area is well documented in the press as well as this blog. Do a search under 'Red Road', or click the tags on the right of this blog to see for how long. And while the much heralded 50mph limit comes into force later this summer, there remains considerable inertia about doing something effective at this location in order to combat the sustained number of accidents. Driver error aside, the double bends are fast becoming the most dangerous bends in Surrey.

With that in mind I'm in the midst of organising an urgent meeting with local members and county cabinet members to determine a more effective solution.

Speed cameras anyone?


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  1. I would be interested to know what the cause of the accidents is; a lower speed limit doesn't help if it's not excessive speed causing them. I am a local resident but don't like the idea of just lowering a speed limit without consideration to root cause and potential fixes.