Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Life goes on in Lightwater.

Wednesday 9th August

Fortunately for this part of the world, we have so far been spared any of the violence recently seen in London and other parts of the UK. Frankly, while the images are absolutely dumbfounding, I happen to believe that some of this behaviour is somewhat inevitable, due to a complex set of circumstances that have arisen as a result of a society where social responsibility approaches its low water mark. But I can blog more about that another time.

I was delighted to be asked to the junction of Curley Hill Road and High View Road last week by Cllr Surinder Gandhum, who had been called by a resident as a contractor was moving the road signs. Seemingly, there is a little disagreement about which road is which at that junction; formerly, both roads were accessed from MacDonald Road, but since the 1970's and the installation of an Electric Sub Station, High View Road has been diverted into Curley Hill Road.

Or so it was thought. Confusion still abounds. High View Road signs had been erected on Curley Hill Road when they maybe shouldn't have, further exacerbated by the loss by vandalism of one of the signs. Small potatoes you might think, but a number of residents were particularly upset about it.
So, while the validity of each road is explored, I suggested to the contractor and council officers that we might erect the signs as you see above;, i.e. to show each road from where the house entrances begin. We can change the signs if required when a formal response is forthcoming from the Highways department.

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