Thursday, 16 December 2010

Deepcut Meeting.

Thursday 16th December

Paul Deach, he of the Surrey Heath Residents Blog, has arranged a public meeting this evening at the Deepcut Village Hall in order to raise and discuss some of the important local issues raised by the forthcoming redevelopment of what we know as 'Deepcut Barracks'.

Personally, I believe the redevelopment presents, on the whole, a great local opportunity. However, as the Lightwater, Windlesham and Bagshot County representative, it is mainly the added traffic onto Red Road and thereafter through the A322 and MacDonald Road M3 'Motorway access routes' that concern me.

In the fullness of time, I would expect to see considerable PIC (or is it CIL - I can barely keep up) monies arranged to pay for specific road improvements to both Red Road and the A322 in order to compensate for the extra traffic generated, which given Lightwater's proximity to the M3 we must assume shall be considerable.

Certainly, while I cannot attend this evening's meeting, I shall be keeping a close eye on the progress of any development brief and proposals to ensure that local residents are not disadvantaged by the development.

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