Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Earlswood Park, Bagshot.

Tuesday 16th November

After long deliberations, 'Charles Church' have made a decision regards the name of their development in Bagshot on the former 'Waterer's Nurseries'.
As I've blogged before, I've been talking to the sales & marketing team there for several months, on the basis of encouraging them to 'keep it local' and use a name relating to the former use of the site. Regrettably, they've opted for a variation on the theme - 'Earlswood Park' - which hints at an association with other Bagshot residents, but I am informed that a number of the roads within the site will use the 'Waterer's' title.

Herewith a letter I received this week from the Sales Manager, Holly Foreman.

"Dear Cllr Macleod,

Further to our discussions on the subject I am now delighted to confirm the name of our forthcoming development at Notcutts to be Earlswood Park. We are planning to release the first phase of the development in December 2010. It has been a long time coming!

Regrettably we could not accommodate the request of ‘Waterers Nurseries’, however we are liaising with the local council and are in the process of confirming the following street names. These will obviously reflect the history of the development and area.

Waterers Way
Allbrook Close
Popejoy Drive
Gomer Road
Marlis Close
Lucinda Walk

We look forward to welcoming both you and your parish council colleagues once the inevitable chaos of the launch has calmed down. Perhaps early in the new year would suit?

Best Regards,

Holly Foreman
Sales Manager
Charles Church Southern

A victory of sorts. The 'Waterer's' name will now hopefully endure.

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