Thursday, 8 April 2010

Marginal Mondeo Man

Thursday 8th April

Traditional Party voters aren't going to swing this election. Victory is going to be granted to the party who can best engage with the floating voter in the marginal seats.

Prior to 1997 it was the vote of both 'Mondeo Man' and you ladies who brought the New Labour project into power. Well, not exactly - it was the massive swing which led to the massive Labour landslide, but it was certainly assisted by those sometime Tory voters, sometime Labour voters who decided to make a decison and not vote for the Liberals.
This time, things are tight. While polls traditionally narrow as an election draws near, the spectre of the effects of the massive national debt is pushing all parties to develop policies that were close enough already, but now even closer purely down to necessity rather than partisan politics. As such, the fight for the marginal seats becomes even more fraught, which is how I found myself in Guildford this week delivering political literature.

Believe it or not, Guildford is going to be tight. So with paper thin polls and a small majority, the vote of 'Mondeo Man' - or as he has recently been updated to, '3-Series man' - is going to be of paramount importance there if Anne Milton MP and the local Tories are to see off the sterling challenge of the Liberal candidate.

If you can assist in any way, then please get into contact with our Mutual Aid Officer - or MAO as I prefer to call him - Wayne Henderson c/o 01276 472068
or me, the Assistant Mutual Aid Officer on 07854 195199.
We've simply got to deliver these marginal seats if we are to ultimately and decisively ensure victory this time.

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