Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Small Victory.

Tuesday 5th January

This afternoon - before the snow - I was at the my office in Bagshot and had the chance to stop in and catch up with the charming Glyn Carpenter.
As you may know, Glyn runs the 'Village Cafe' which has fast become part of the fabric of the village of Bagshot in addition to serving up some superb lunchtime fayre (although I note that the Stilton and bacon mix has yet to be re-introduced...).

Glyn was in fine form today and was keen to display some road works that had been undertaken that very morning by the highways team. Serendipitous indeed - I had that very morning driven over to Tory HQ in Windlesham and had grounded my car in the potholes, making a mental note as I winced to give the team at the depot a ring about the state of the road. No need of course, for they were already on it and had completed the task before lunchtime.

As a councillor, it is always nice to receive some positive feedback when the authority gets something right.
So today, before the snow and the inevitable problems that the weather will bring, I'm allowing myself a small but satisfied smile.


  1. junestaples@aol.com7 January 2010 at 14:15

    Stuart - how helpful would it have been to keep the bus routes open. We would have been able to get to the shops and hospitals and while it is really good to know that the main roads are clear, most of us can't get to them!

  2. June, I quite agree.
    I'm going to look into how the County might alter the prioritisation for the publuc transport angle.